Korean Street Fashion

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I could just ide right now from the awesome pictures I found on Feetmanseoul's flikr! I've always been in love with street fashion (Berlin, Seoul, and Japanese). I'm ever hungry for an inovative cut or a unexpected combination, so you can sometimes find me on the weekends when I'm fuck-bored slumped over my computer looking at street fashion (I have a problem, I know this) For this post, I want to introduce this colorful collection by Yang Hee Deuk (양희득) ITS OF THE FUCKING AWESOMENESS! This really makes me happy that I made a colorful collection for the winter,too!
As you can see, Mr.Deuk was a phsyco thriller at Seoul Fashion Week, I have yet to go! Please tell me you love these designs as much as I do, (I NEARLY HAD A FUCKING HEART ATTACK!)
Korea has some of the best smartly dressed school girls to date! (besides Japan and NewYork) It's amazing how they can throw anything on an still look fabulous! Seoul has it's gossip girls,too:
(Gucci bag anyone? Who could she be texting?)
(Looks totally stuck up, but she's dressed great, nottice the white lambskin Chanel bag)
Until Tomorrow, I'll be happy to load you up with yet another amazing chapter on Korean street style, next up is colorful stockings
Goodbyez! Ashley


min said...

amazing collection....
love the bold color...