Maybe that's all teens are interested in, LOW-END FASHION!

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Not saying thhat theirs anything wrong with that, but think about it. When you walk into Charlotte Russe, you can find that same plaid tartan dress that everyone'g getting at Wet Seal, right. There's not differinciating between a popular trend that has takne place amungst the teenage girl market. They are the affordably cheap products that leave us girls who aren't able to spend 600 dollars on Chloe' shoes (that aren't knockoffs) in a familiar budget in between oh, the $10-$50 price range? I've noticed a trend of these mega-mall chain stores producing the same wares in similar designs, fabrics, styles, but not in the same PRICES! In 2003, a demographic study was made at the Mall of America(one of the United States of America's super malls with Bergof Goodman and Nordstrom gallore). They noticed a trend of similar chain stores that caterd to a particular group of girls (like you and moi) who shop there. In the process, they found out that these particular chain shops carried similar clothing and acessories that looked exactly the same almost (lets take a looksee at some of the major trends that our generation of teenage girls seem to be wearing)
See? the same places make the same type of heels! But theres alot more!


lisa + cathy said...

definitely agree with you, but chain stores are great ways of looking like the catwalks and fashion idols we wannabe fashionstas look up to. But its true chain stores all have the same trends and designs. Its only a few boutique that make the unique clothing.
you got such a great blog! i'll feature you on my next post
till then, cathy