Excellence- I now have a Tumblr

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Watch this video. It has excellent music. My favorite German Techno/Rap/Pop group wrote this music for this video game. This doesn't have any of the lyrics but it just sounds...great. I just recently got a Tumblr. I'm not sure how to use it, but look me up. It's just Leofashionista. (http://www.leofashionista.tumblr.com/ ) I think so anyway. Wow...what do I look like not knowing the address to my own blog? Anyway, This will be another art/fashion post. I took some pictures of random kids(who are oddly fashionable) in the apartment I was staying in over the holiday when I visited Russia. Yeah...an old artsy KGB apartment that has been around for some 50 something years. The first pic is of this Jeffery Star obsessed kid that begged me to put him on my blog.

I actually know him in a way. His names Dennis Merryman. A funny faced guy with a damn great attitude.
and what does this have to do with fashion?
what does anything have to do with fashion?
Ashley :333