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Hey! I'm not for sure if her user name was Kallaki, but to answer your question I find those sequined jackets at Thrist stores and places like the Goodwill. If your not familiar witht he goodwill it's a pretty mainstream thrift shop joint that can can be found all around America, who knows you might have one near you. Goodwill isn't as "mainstream" I suppose, but their a big chain in the whole. With these jackets you have to get them dry cleaned because they are made out of old fabric and they are heavilly beaded(washing them regularly in your standard washing machine ruins the thread that's holding the beads on because the threads so old and if these jackets have polyester lining then the lining easily falls out without fail, e-mail me at for more questions). Thank you for commenting on my style, I really appreciate all of the comments that you all give me. For some reason I'm not able to join any of you all's blogs but I want you all to know that I do appreciate all of the commenting and all of you followers. :333. Well...since I'm blogging now I have some awesome pics from French Vogue that I've been meaning to show since last year (Yeah, I'm one lazy fucking blogger but that doesn't do me any justice now does it?):

I think that's all of them...not really sure. But look! Doesn't she look like she just walked out of the musical CATS?! I know right!? Many of you wouldn't even dare concider wearing all of that at once, but you know can you can do any fucking thing your mind sets out to do. And to close this post:

Balmain Jacket
I am nifty aren't I?


Anonymous said...

balmain jackets rule !!
Hehe u almost got my name right. It's kalaki. Thank you so much for sharing the information where you got the jackets. I really appreciate it :D Unfortunately I could not go to the stores as I'm from Asia :(