My brain is hurting

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I have to study for a Art Survey test tonight because I was too lazy to do it yesterday. In the end for all of you who are looking at my blog, you can join easily by following me...or whatever. My brains are hurling out of my head right now because I feel like shit about some of the stuff I do. Irresponsibility plauges me. It really does. One side of my computer is frozen up because I was being stupid with the stuff I do...yuppers. I will gladly make this post awesome for you before I log off and study while I eat blueberries. Yum...

These are actually prom dress add campaigns. doesn't look like it though. My favorite German techno/rap/pop artist who can make her voice sound like a robot without a synthesizer/vocoder Jaru Lafee poses in these add campaigns. There's more, but these are kind of my favorites. She;s the one in the gold dress in the third picture.
I gotta go and be smart and stuff like that