New York rap/graphiti style, Rihanna's manly look, and Epic "how the fuck did you do that?"

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That HAS to be the longest title ever to a post, EVER! Anyway, I'm lisetning to Kill Bill's soundtrack while blogging to you today. It's theatrical epicness has oddly enough inspired me to do another rediculously long but fashionably forfilling post. So, as the title says you know exactly what to expect in this post...or do you?

AMAZING HUH? Japanese Vogue has been so good to me. I adore street fashion like this even though I don't own anything close to this (maybe a leathe jacket and a denim vest, that's about it...I'm not counting my scraggly tennis shoes). Teen Vouge did an editorial similar t this but not with the same gusto. I guess their afraid to promote girls wearing ripped acid washed cootchy-cutters and lace bra's as tops.

see? not the same.

I love her style and that's about it. I want her hairstyle only I would bleach it blonde or hot pink. I'm a bad ass...I know this guys. I can say he style is comparable to most popular looks since last year, like silk hareem pants and jumpsuits, Balmain-ette looks, and Rihanna's oversized everything look that actually looks pretty good on her. I mean everyone some people can pull it off. I should go on a Goodwill run and srounge(funny word) for oversized men's jackets and pants that I can roll up at the hems. Found this example on Ebay:



See? perfect example for under $100 (WAY under...)

Yes, this is my segment of "HOW THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT?" style portion of my post. how the fuck DID they do that? it's obviously genious in it's own right to begin with. I can't resist any of this. I'm wanting to sew sheer and zipper trim leggings as we speak!



Amazing...just love it.
And now I will close with a horrible picture of yor fellow blogger.
A picture of me

Now you know my fellow bloggers that I keep my word abotu stuff. Any yes for certain people who might be reading this: I do speak Russian, German, Romainian, and English.
Fuck yeah


Anonymous said...

Loved it! It's so cool that you speak different languages. I speak English ;), Spanish, and am learning French. Always wanted to visit Germany!

Leofashionista said...

thank you! yes, Germany is amazing :3

Leofashionista said...

thanks so much! people have a hard time believing it though, fun stuff to see

Kandii said...

Oh wow! Love the blog! What designer did the futuristic collection?
I wish i could be as multi linguistic as you! =o

Leofashionista said...

thanks so much for the comment Kandii. It's nice to know someone out there is reading my blog