PAWS, Grace Jones, Epic collages, hot leingere- all of my current obsessions

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Ok Ok Ok! I have become more so of a devoted blogger for the past few weeks...days moreso. Well, I think that I should tell you guise(haha, I made a funny :3) about some of my new inspiriations for my new collection or just insprations in general. I know, I'm talking ALOT about me, but let's face it blogging half of the time is about the person blogging,right?right...
  1. Grace Jones

Fucking epic huh? I'm not for sure if that's Grace Jones in person(I think that it's Rose Coredo or Cordero? Not sure) But it's from the awesome German art/fashion magazine Metal. Back in Berlin I was a regular subscriber. I like to get my eyes full of naked muses and eye poping fashion editorials.

2.  PAWS

An amazing PAWS fashion editorial for French Vogue, the same Vogue that I blogged about yesterday with the awesome do-it-or-die cheetah prints and such. You can recondnise when something is by PAWS because of their usage of graphiti and bubble letters, plus all of their quirky drawings. I got these pictures off of Kanye West' blog (really awesome, look it up because I don't know the URL to the site.)

I want this clutch. I might design some bags with quirky drawings on them, but you know that wouldn't be so original now would it?

3. Interview Magazine

I know, I don't have a great quality image of this AMAZING editorial, but it showcased jaw-dropping fashion that only a few of us could pull of(think Nina Ricci's heeless boots and Alexander McQueen's recent collection that was rocked by the most admerable Lady Gaga in her music video "Bad Romance"). Interview Magazine was the very late, great Andy Warhol's magazine where he could have articles on obscure fashion and art movements for people like me to see. Just think, me at the Factory smoking dope with Nico and Andy? Amazing times...but their all dead so yeah. I would wear almost everything in these magazines and go to every event. Too bad they don't a have a Nina Ricci shop here in Nashville. That sucks fucking balls.

4. Fashion Collages aka "Zines"

Off of a Japanese Blog. I love love love making collages, especially fashion ones. I have them plastered all over my walkin closet's wall(gives me inspiration on what to wear y'know?) I wouldn't call this a zine or whatever you want to call it, but it's awesome none the less.

AMAZING? Huh? this is pretty damn good.

5. Sexy Leingire that I'll never wear

I would so sex that. even the shoes.  In fact I wonder what you could wear satin shoes with to begin with...alot of things obviously inspired from Miu Miu or Rodarte.
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