Thanks for all the comments guys, now please listen to my next epic announcement(did I spell that right? :3)

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Wow...that was the longest title ever to a post...EVER. Anyway, Mara from Kissmyfasshion has convinced me to do a Zine. What's a Zine? You know the chick from Fashion Pirates? Yeah, she made one and is giving it away to her fellow bloggers. Well, once I get a scanner I will, I promise. You can E-mail me at or at , both are spam filled because of the offers for free money that I foolishly looked into...only to be subjected to a survey. Fuuck...but hey, who could resist? Obviously not me. Soo...I took pictures of some stuff I recently got. I shop costantly I know...I really do. Anyway. I would feel less off a blogger if din't showcase all the awesome gifts that I got on Christmas.

(Christian Louboutin SHoes :333)


Mimi said...

You are so lucky! Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous!! I'm swooning now just looking at them. I love the girlie color and hardcore studs together. Fabulous!