Fuck Yeah Rants About Fashion

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Um, hay you guise!No, I'm not dead(obviously not since I'm writing to you, or am I speaking from my diamond encrusted grave? ohhh!) Not, I've been busy trying to reach fame on Polyvore(I'm kind of already famous in my head and that counts I suppose). I have however stopped fingering through racks of clothing every weekend that I don't wear from the Thrift Stores to bring you new post with pictures of people....not stuff. I might even get my sisters camera again and take pictures of some awesome street style around my area, just yesterday I saw some old lady in full Chanel and I almost cried because I :
  1. Didn't have a camera to take her pictures because she was so beautiful
  2. I have bad skills talking to perfectly dressed people that I possibly won't ever see again
  3. I was in touching distance of that fab tweed jacket she had even though I have a Chanel military jacket of my own
  4. She was gorgeous(did I mention that? prolly...)
Anywho...I failed at getting her image on my blog. I have found some awesome images however to inspire my spring wardrobe and possibly yours as well if you like the looks. I think their gold. Not that cheap overly yellow gold that they sell that the fleamarkets(eww...fleas! but that means flea infested vintage Beatnik sloppy jow sweaters and one-of-a-kind jewelry that I love so much).

Looks For Spring #1: Military/Safari inspired.
Gracefully done by Grace Jones channeling Rose Cordero

(I'm not for sure if I got all of them, but you get the basic ideal). I believe this was done for Vogue Francaise(France for those who don't speak French :3). So I say invest in some leather belts, Utility wear, Tribal prints, Military jackets in dark colors like olive or black, Hareem pants(yes, these awesome MC Hammer wannabe's are back in action, I've got some fully sequined ones from Proenza Schouler), and I absolutely love the usage of a belt as a choker(not used in some sexual sado-masochistic way) and that corset!

Look 2: Sculpted Shapes. Done on a construction site. Pwnage

This is from an old issue of Elle Russia from 2008. If you really want to know how I can tell, they're doing an editorial which includes alot from Lanvin, YSL, Balenciaga, and Proenza Schouler's 2008 collections...I can see alot of YSL patent oversized ankle boots that I wish I owned :( fuck you dad anyhow, I'm not all into what's actually "in", but it works I think. It's all about personal style

remember that
Or I really WILL haunt you from the grave
Ashley Doggett