elegantly epic shapes that say Nico!

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You all are probably wondering where I'm going with all of this. I will tell you sooner or later, but I am surprised that I passed up the new 2010 fall RTW collection from Haider Ackerman. Why am I so excited about it? I was designing the same things for the fall. I know, this collection might not even be relatively new because for one it's summer time, not fall. Second of all it's only new to me because I haven't seen it. Once more you all might be thinking "your behind on your blog post! that collection is already old in the fashion world! djszxhsadlk! you looser!"...and then maybe your not. Maybe. But I am contreversially biased with these things as it already is, but that adds to the persona or moi. Anywho, on with the collection:

Oversized pedophile coats? yes sir. Oversized pants? yes sir. In fact I have pants like that from Rue 21 that have lasted me 4 years now. I wear them occasionally, but once more I will say that it's summer time, not "I'm going to wear out of season clothing because I'm so cool and shit stuff" season.
So we move onward. Why did I reference this collection to Nico, the oh so late German pop idol that Andy Warhol popularized from his semi-band "The Velvet Underground."? Well, if you know who she is
(if you don't, look her up) you can kindly associate with this. Or not. YOUR CHOICE! But she was recondnized by her wearing of solid black or white pantsuits, usually oversized. Very avant-quard for her day when most female singers were wearing Pucci prints and hippie essentials.

So that makes this collectiong awesome
Ashley xxx


GlobalFukker694 said...

I really like that studded jacket.