I don't fail at Unique-ness, I own

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I don't really. This weekend has been ahmazing so far! I went to lazer tag with my friends and didn't get carded for alcohol at the neighboring sushi joint( a perfect place to whet my appetite for fashionable obscure hipsters and socialites around town), then my family on my dad's side came over from Germany to visit me again, but right now I'm actually speaking to you from Atlanta as I write...or speak. Whichever the two combined. I went just about 4 hours ago to the new Marti McFla flagship store's grand opening and then off to see "Clash of the Titans" with my family. The movie sucked somewhat because I prefer the old one better. Compared to the old version, the new remakes graphics are just as mainstream as any movie with special effects these days. But the best highlight of this day so far is being able to spend time with family and watch them cavort about themselves in German and broken English. I love my family. Anywho...I've been looking around the web to find some awesome pics again. It's probably not original, but if some of us face it humanity is just a comnined effort of everthing we have ever known when you think about it. I also noticed something this Saturday morning while I was eating corn chips:

Sesame Street points out your average American social settings:

  • The Grouch ='s your poor, homeless American
  • Cookie Monster ='s your drug queef
  • Zoey ='s your round away girl
  • Elmo ='s that guy everybody likes, possible drug dealer
  • Big Bird='s the guy everyone likes more because he's a gossiper
  • Bert and Ernie ='s your happy gay cou...ple
  • Suufaloughogus(how ever you spell it) ='s the retared one, possibly the drug dealer

Ha. There we go, another person pointing out what's wrong with your country. Anywho, I basically found this amazing image hwile surfing the web, or just in my picture files:

Well, picture(s) of me to be exact and overly punctual. This is me and my friend Amanda Howell at school together about a year ago(2009). If I can remember I think I'm wearing:
(Forever 21 top, Thrifted vintage DKNY cardigan, thrifted pants, A patent Fendi carryall that is not quite visible, and thrifted noname biker boots shown in a few post back, the reddish ones)

I'll be back
blogging and shit like I do