My Yellow Moschino dress and Deconstruction books

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Fuck...don't make me drop kick myself to blog again. It's been a while yes, I've been having confilicting thoughts about just about anything. I have started about 6 deconstruction books lately. What by chance is a deconstruction book? glad you didn't ask. I suppose it's all the awesome things I want to tell you about it that's going to my head. Well, a deconstruction book in a way is a zine, but it doesn't have to have a theme of any sort. I usually base mine around a story of some type, usually an akwardly intense one. The one that is half way done at the moment is called "glitter". For a long story not so short, it has something to do with two retarded kids in the late 70's, one of their hipster brothers, and glitter. There. I also took some pictures of it in my walk in closet:

I have an odd feeling that everything is going to run off the page, but as you can see my closet is full if shit, mainly sewing supplies, fabric, nick-nacks...clothes. If you were to go to the left you'd be in th part I blogged about last year. It's not that clear, but that page is neon pink with silver glitter on it. Random. Just like me.

(Moschino dress, Forever 21 top, thrifted pearl necklace and bracelets)
 On the other hand I have about 7 of them done, and 6 to go. Soon that will be 13 original, one of a kind books to put on my vintage white shelf with the metal beams. I got it last week from a vintage store called Pre to Post Modern in the antique district from around where I live. Later today will be lazer tag and a quick drink at Kobe Steak,s, complementary of those who are too kind to card you for alcoholic beverages. Makes me alot happier after the stress of school, even better with equally artistic and fashionable friends.
Oh Oh! and the store I work at Marti McFla is branching out with a new store in Atlanta made from an abandoned steel facorty. I'm going to go see it this weekend and possibly shop some of the designers, something else to post pn my blog. And thank you my 13 followers for...erm...following me?'s not all about that. I'm no fame whore. But my friend Harrod Garret, one of the best up and comming accessory designers I know from Nashville will be selling his whole collection of fully studded leather bags, shoes, and Tom Binns-esque stuff there. On the other hand, there is some awesome online shopping at Vogue's Japanese website to be done.

and have a great weekend

Ashley Doggett


smokylash said...

i love your moshino dress :)


Leofashionista said...

thanks so much! I got it for cheap actually, only $60! second hand stores are amazing