Self Made Chanel Pin

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Yes, I am feeling oddly creative today for some odd reason. I just pulled out a shit load of fabric, magazine clippings, and thrifted clothing because for one I'm a fashionista and I should start acting like it! There, I said it. People take certain things to seriously, trying to become some sort of person because htey think it's cool. Your born the way you are and you change with all of that, don't be a poser. On another happy, gleeful note I had a friend of mine( well...I didn't really HAVE them do this) draw my self portrait. It looks just like me if I had downs I requested. I've been drawing and designing clothes more with my spare time trying to be a bit more productive so that I don't find myself in an odd situation that leaves me feeling like shit later on. So yeah. I have yet to scan the designs I did for French, or just get them back from her when she wants to be a nice person and give them back. So, IDK about that subject for now. As of yesterday I am without a job as a cashier at Marti McFla, instead my boss wants me to design clothes only now, not sell them.

Yay fucking me.

So in this picture you see a Chanel pin. What do you think of that Chanel pin? Looks fake to me. It is. I made it from a dustbag that one of my Chanel's came in, superglued it onto a round peice of cardboard, attatched some tulle( actually the bag my FunPop's came out of ) to it, and wore it to school. It also looks very very tacky to some. Fuck the "some", ok? So I was wearing:
-The selfmade Chanel pin
-A vintage top from Marti McFla
-Cross given to me from Mom,
-Thrifted grey Marni schoolgirl skirt
-Asian print leggings from Macy's
-Red patent shoes from Walmart(so classy...)

So in the meantime I'm just going to go do what I said
Collage, Sew and Shit
Ashley xxxx