Summer ='s Anorexia + My imitation of Kirsten Stewart

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Exams. Enough said, soon my summer vacation will actually go into full swing. I can spend hours appon hours hunched over in my computer chair on the internet until my skin turns pale and I get anorexic. Anywho. This is taking to long trying to get into the post. Naturally, I have gained criticism that just so happens to be stupid opinions. : "Your into fashion but you don't dress fashion". To answer your question quite frankly you don't have to dress or act a certain way to overly obsess about it, thus making you ignorant and cliche'. Sorry, you just are. So I'm at Target and I notice the new edition of Elle with Kirsten Stewart, teen mock-vampire phenom plastered across the glossy cover. I decided to try an imitate her natually unemotionless face:

Yeah, I've kind of gained weight like a healthy person does. I'm not going to get anorexic yet, it's not quite summer break. Theres a fat ass behind me there to be exact, and from the obvious looks of things you can tell who's the healty one. Being honest is good. Being wrong and posing like you know everything is wrong.
 I look dead almost, I know, but then look at her. Exactly. We'll see what else I might shit out soon.

-Ashley Doggett