Epic Wins

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This is going to be the posts on my blog that are somewhat random yet planned. I find things I find epic and I post them. That's kind of all I have to say to explain it. But first, two outfit pictures of me on the last day of school with my best friend Amanda:

(Jean Paul Gaultier for Target oversized blazer, Thrifted jeans, Target brand top, Mom's Italian silver chain bracelet, Thrifted combat boots)

onwards to the Hodgepodge:

1. My artwork

I go to school and got in as an art major. I draw naked women and things that make me happy.

2. My Deconstruction Books.

Unlike a zine they have a more definate theme and should tell a story of some sort. This is however my opinion since I detest ugly zines.

3. Terry

I don't really approve of Style Rookies bad interpretaion of him, but whatever. He's an artist and he has the right to do whatever he wants. Tavi, just don't you take off your clothes and pose for him.

4. Awesome obsure designs

There's just something about these boots that just screams "I'm too epic to wear normal shoes that are being worn by everyone else. I'm tiered of MiuMiu's and wearing trends." I love whoever made them and I wish I owned them myself.

5. Black models

Everyone is beautiful no matter what skin their in. I like Alek Wek because she has such a beautiful face and personality. To be frank and honest you don't see that many black models in the fashion industry that are popular accept for Chanel Iman or Jordan Dunn, not to mention that everyone mentions Naomi Campbell before they would Alec Wek. We need change.

I'll see you later I suppose.
I'm looking for more epic wins.
If you all have any epic wins that you would like on my blog please email me @ leofashionista1@gmail.com
And be epic
Ashley xxx