What is hard core?

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(Jean Paul Gaultier for Target jacket, thrifted Levi's denim vest, black Forever 21 tank, Walmart shorts, Faux Alexander Wang bag, self made sequined bowtie and tulle hat, ring from Amanda, vintage silver cross and chain)

(close up on bag, ring, and necklace)

Woohoo! An outfit shoot I actually like. It's a change up from what I actually wear (usually two peices and nothing "creative"), but I actually think this looks fashionable and less tacky. I'm not hardcore or whatever people are calling hard core these days. What is hardcore to you all anyway? I feel as if style should be personal and original, not coppying off what you see in the magazines or what you see anyone else calling trendy. I'm actually quite disgusted by this seasons trends, wheres designers are getting lazy and going back to simple less meaninggul design ethics and trends that should have been locked in the "DO NOT ENTER" closet a long time ago. Not trying to get off on a bad start on anyone, but I'm actually quite fed up with some of the fashion bloggers on the web lately embracing these trends. I mean, ok...you want to be a fashion plate and wear what everyone else is wearing but think about it...isn't fashion supposed to be about originality and not becoming that poser? If people are inspired to wear a certain trend that's fine, but just wearing it to wear it? Please. I've had so many people say that I love fashion but don't dress like it. It shouldn't matter anyhow what your interested in, you shouldn't just dress a certain way to express how you feel about something...and that's what I feel about it. I'm not being a cliche' internet bitch or anything, it just bothers me that some have some opinions that are not only invalid but have an air of ignorance twoards them. Let's explore some of this seasons trends and why I feel they are a little...erm...let me say this kindly, boring? These are all deprived from Elle as well as Harpers Baazar who focus ALOT on trends and not nessicarily style(fall 2010 collections).

  • Cat eye glasses
Alright...I'm all for a little vintage in your outfit, but I find these to be a rediculous excuse to add to the trend mill for everyone to follow. I just can't see anyone walking around as if these were stylish enough for them to put on. Muccia Prada, who is behind both labels Prada and MiuMiu (MiuMiu being recently famous for their teacup shoes in unique prints) has put these in the Prada 2010 RTW collection.

  • 50's over the top onsombles.
I am liteally in love with Marc Jacobs, designer behind his own iconic line and Louis Vuitton, who had recently came out with the past horrid collection featuring giant fox tails attatched to Louis Vuitton's bags (whom not to mention were in eye popping colors...and the shoes...which also featured Alpacca fur that hung so low to the ground that you could trip on it). And once again, I am all for vintage or odd design to your wearable wardrobe, but I just find Marc Jacobs work at Louis Vuitton this fall RTW collection for 2010. All of the designs are relatively simple and seem to be just a second hand Dior wannabe. Not to mention the knits....the knits.

See? I don't see anything so special about this.

  • Camel hair coats and head-to-toe knits
Once more, I was very unimpressed with this new trend. I like camel hair coats because they can go with anything...but it's dissapointing to see them paired with knitwear. Isn't a camel hair coat enough to keep you warm? I can bet you that all the models on the Chloe runway were sweating their asses off. Not only did they try to make it minimalist and classy, they oddly enough over killed it with "I'm a teacher" or
"I wear head-to-toe vintage". It's outdone.

I'm sorry. I'm just not impressed. Any you know, it's not all about what I like either, I just feel as if the designers who make the clothing for us fashionista's to wear have failed us.

Ashley Doggett xxx


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I like your bag, I have been looking for a black zipper one too!