Epic Wins Part Two

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HEY you guise. Yeah, I'm back. Again, like I never left anyway since, y'know...I didn't. I'm back with more epic wins or what I feel like is an epic win. For all that are new to this, an epic win on my blog is when I come across something that is so awesome, weather it be fashion or art , and post it directly here for the world to see. Or whoever takes sudden intrest to visit this meagerly fashion blog of mine. I give a prior explanation whenever I choose an epic win to make sense out of it. So yeah...here...it...goes:

  • The Breakfast Have Eyes:
How adoreable and creepy at the same time, eh? Very well. I found this randomly on Polyvore and my heart just sank with overjoyment from the cuteness. Even the cheerio's have eyes. Don't mind my "the hills have eyes" playin, it was just another act of my teenage lameness.

  • Cult fims that aren't quite cult films

I loved this movie when I watched it on my public broadcasting station. Just look it up on Wikipedia. I call it a cult film because it's not well known and it was made on a very meager budget, yet it doesn't have that following. It's just another one of those forgotten things in film's history.

  • Kanye West

He has recently to my knowladge been elected best dressed man and in a sense he is. I've been following his blog for sometime now which is FULL of what I call epic wins, but he's just awesome. His early music is pretty good, and of course I know all you Taylor Swift fans are fuming and pissy about me right about now but what the hell. He was just displaying a random act of awesomeness that I exude everyday.

  • Expensive paper jewelry

Tom Binns made this collection a few years back that was made of magazine clippings of expensive designer jewelry and made into his own unique, one of a kind creations. I'm working on some right now since it's quite easy to do (cover your clippings with laminate or tape) and attatch them with chain and voila, epic necklace. I'll try to post some pictures of my creations once my sister ever comes back with her camera phone. I advise you to try it, it's real fun! Your also saving your enviorment by using the paper so that it doesn't end up in a landfill.

  • Rihanna's sequined nipple stars
I'm a big fan of Rihanna's style just as I am with Kanye West. This picture came from a blog that literally dissed her for being different and wearing them underneath her blazer (which I think was Balmain?) Well, she's preventing an...erm...accident if they just decided to fall out. These are easy to make yourself too, but I doubt anyone is going to be wearing a blazer as a top accept for moi.

  • Epic editorials from Harpers Baazar

The only fashion magazines at the moment that I have in my posession are Instyle, Harpers Baazar, Vogue, and a NewYork Times fashion magazine that my sister got me from college. My favorite by far is Harpers Baazar. Their editorials actually make me want to buy that past season Vuitton headband and leave me out on the street doing favors for cash. I have to work on finding out what 75% of 125 is on the snap of my fingers, but Harper's Baazar communicates easily.

So Um

That's It.

Send me in your epic wins @ leofashionista1@gmail.com

-Ashley xxx