School's almost in

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Yup. That's it. With AP Art Studio works barely done and the semi-pressure of returining to childish cliques (not) to come and blog to you all, I've been going on sucessful shopping sprees for new clothes. But is that all that matters? Of course not, that is if your not some self centered one track minded person who worries about how they dress above the important things in life. No, I'm going back to school soon around August 14th or so, right after my birthday (August 9th). I am going to focus on dressing not to meet up with trends or unpopular opinions but for myself and myself only, thus the notion of personal style. I'm trading in alot of things for fully studded skirts and edgier peices, in plain English stuff I like. On another note I don't think that there's a future persay for fashion blogging. Personally, I say that alot of fashion bloggers turn commercial and dull after they thrill is gone, the thrill often being the point they were trying to get across on style or whatever they chose to talk about. I find that alot of fashion bloggers are in it for the comments, followers, and sometimes sponsorships that come along with it. Don't get me wrong, I'd just love it to peices if Karl Lagerfeld or Rodarte wanted to send me free clothes, and who wouldn't? If a less fashion forward person was offered that option I'm sure as hell that they'd take it too. It's almost as if you follow a blog and you don't get a "thank you" or any feedback, as a matter of fact they don't even follow you back! I try to at least comment back to my followers or follow their blogs if I can (for some reason my blogger doesn't let me go to some sites, bummer). What I'm trying to get across with my measly little voice is that fashion blogging is more commercial and emotionless as ever now. I'm not just in it for the followers and I really hate when people comment on my blog just for publicity saying "NICE BLOG, FOLLOW ME!" when they probably didn't even read my post or attempt to see what kind of blog it was....they just said...this is a potential chance for me to have followers! And I bet I'm not the only one out there thinking that at all. It's evident that it's real and out there in the world for everyone who gets online to see.


Back to the school crap.

I've been shopping alot of clearance sales in hope to find some good deals(which I have) on peices that are edgy enough that the average person wouldn't be seen wearing. I've seen alot of people at school dressing tacky in my opinion and claming that I don't have any style, yeah I know right? I've rolled around on the topic "style is personal and not following trends" thing enough in a year so I'm just going to kick that one on the good old dusty trail...

But no, I've gotten more attracted to lace, leather, studs, neon, chains, zippers, rips, and the whole baby prostitute get up that I like ala Taylor Momsen or alot of the Balmain wannabe's out there, sadly. I plan on mixing it up some, I bought some wool Cosmo Kramer pants that I plan to wear with my combat boots, ripped up white tee, leather jacket, and one day my cropped bleach blonde hair (not to mention my single pendelum earring) for a back to the real world look. This year I'm going to give less of a shit than I had already did.

Life eh?

-Ashley xxx