Epic wins

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Oh hey there? How have you been? Good! Whatever. I'm back with more epic wins people. If you aren't familiar with the conceptual idea of what I call and epic win, it's basically just something I came across on the internet that made my jaws drop or drop my jaws, whichever(same effect). I post alot of them on my Tumblr: http://www.leofashionista.tumblr.com/ it has many more great things to show. Just to let you know if you visit my tumblr it has some very x rated images on it. School has been quite funny lately. I've been exchanging fake smiles and awkward glances with a former friend of mine and it's been all around strange for me mainly. Winter is here and I've taken up wearing beat sweaters and turtle necks with my leather bomber jacket and wool pants. Very Kramer-Kerouac esuqe. Very Ashley Doggett. Since that's out of the way I'll start on with the epic wins.:

  • Funny and clever as hell tatoos

You can call them hipster or be awesome and call them clever as fuck. I'm really into tatoos but not enough to get one of my own. Besides, how else would I be able to wear backless dresses and tops without looking like a dime store hooker? exactly. It's just the idea that I love and the conceptual art that tatoos bring to your body. These are just too damn funny.

  • Futuristic furniature

This chair is made out of pexiglass which is pasically a combination of industiral plastic and glass fibers that can be made into durable forms like this chair. Who wouldn't want a chair as awesome as this?

  • Jack Kerouac novels

This guy basically defined what a hipster is. Jack Kerouac was an all around creative and inspirational writer who popularised the hipster culture in the beat generation and sparked a ton of contreversy. Back in the 60's when most people where living a lie as a nuclear family and being racist, Jack Kerouac wrote about hitchhiking, "making" girls in the back of his car, dating black women, being homeless, practicing bhuddism, and snorting cocaine leisurly. My kind of guy. Sadly, in his 30's or so he left behind his legacy to his drinking habit and died from what made him popualr basically. I enjoy his writing style because not only is it inspirational and hillarious, we're alot alike in many ways. But what hipster who doesn't identify themselves as a hipster isn't like Jack Kerouac?

  • The Greats

I fucking miss you Mcqueen. Damn you and your depression. But your free now.