Oh Hay there oddly enough

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I bet alot of people I wondering where I went from the dying world of fashion blogging( thanks everyone for making it so commercial, what's next? toilet paper?). Well, I've been busy and very busy as a matter of fact. I have an art studio class that I take along with alot of other College level classes that just consume my time. On the other note, to all of those who are familiar with me on Polyvore I've been roleplaying alot and scowering out ideas for characters and such. I know, call me geeky and strange, but whatever helps you sleep at night. On the other hand, I've been focused alot on my personal style and fashion because it means alot to me. Just yesterday my mom was over and cleaned out half of my closet( mostly 50%) of things I semi-liked and didn't wear. It was slightly heart wrenching, but when I looked at all of those thrifted wool skirts that didn't go with anything I had I realized I needed revamping. So what now? What am I turning to?

Edgy, wearable peices.

Now of course, it seems as if when you have that epic leather bomber vest that I recently bought that it would be hard to pair with something without making things look over bearingly trashy, because believe it or not, I try to hard sometimes. I've seen everyone belt out less than lovely trends(ok, sorry Prada but your lass collection was pretty predictable seeing as of how Louis Vuitton and several other designers channeled that rediculous 50's vibe) and expect everyone to woo and ahh over them( like MiuMiu, Alexander Wang, ect.) and in the long run everything is so unwearable. I mean, I'm always going to be in love with Balenciaga and whatever Gucci group puts out for Alexander Mcqueen soon, but it's not like I'm living the ultimate dream as Lady Gaga who can wonderfully pull off anything she puts on. I'm just a regular lesbian who fetishises over everything Terry Richardson and Jack Kerouac. Ok, maybe I'm not normal. But oh well...

All I'm trying to say is that most trends as we know them are unwearable. If I go to a buisness meeting, am I going to wear head to toe Givenchy Haute Couture? Yes, BUT do I look like I'm trying to hard? Yes. Most fashion isn't even appropriate for most occasions if your not some Red Carpet Slut or some person who has way too much time and money on their hands that they buy those Chanel fur pants. I want some, but where would I wear them? The peice has to be covetable and wearable and for the right season, too. I try and sneak on my favorite Jean Paul Gaultier blazer during the summer and I'm burning up. I watch alot of the people around me who are rediculous enough to wear long sleeved lace shirts and clothes that barely fit them and when I look at myself, I'm constantly articulating weather I look better than them. I do. It seems self centered and selfish, but think about this for a while: Would you rather look good and appropriate for the setting your in while all the time infusing your own personal style or look like a trend clone who wears the latest Forever 21?


Anyway...I've recently bought two plaid skirts, one in black and one in grey, because that's my color pallet all year long. I feel as if froufrou shades like pink and yellow take away from me personally. Not like my sould black or anything, I'm just the artistic type and I get messy. I bought offline Dolce Vita for Target brouges in a soft black leather that channel mens shoes and add to my boyish yet feminine charm. Then theres the deep gray skinny trousers that I'll be wearing with those loose navy dress socks with my Abaete shoes, thrifted white top, Chanel bag, and Jean Paul Gaultier jacket for a look that I'll like and feel comfortable with. Maybe it's time  for you all to look in your closets, weather it be a vast walkin closet or something smaller, you may have things you don't like or haven't worn in a while. If you have a skirt that only goes with one shirt, you either go out like I did and buy more shirts to go with it or give the skirt away to make room for something more revamped and of your style.

I'm also waiting to do the fashionista of the month and or week and if you'd like, send in your pictures to me at leofashionista1@gmail.com

So yeah, I be back and stuff.

-Ashley xxx