Russian Street Style

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Street style is something that I've always been interested in. Really, I am. Why else would I be blogging about it right now? Possibly because I love the originality that people all over the world can captivate and they actually dress in their own self being, unlike Americans who catch up on trends 3 years too late and who's magazine shelves aren't stocked with the month's issue until the next month preceding it. When I see how certian people dress, I'm either going to A) Look at them or B) Say to myself that they have good style. There's no reason to go up directly to anyone and tell them how great they look when they're actually some overly cocky dimwhit who thinks that your not fashionable if your not wearing what they call fashionable. That's the great thing about street style: everyday people who get up and piss and put an outfit on, possibly without any effort at all. You go up to them if your like the Satorialist and take their picture and they blaze up hte internet with people coppying them when somewhere in the small corner of their world they aren't even aware of their fame. That's why I'm focusing on Russia right now. The overlooked people in my opinion.

Of course someone out there is thinking just what I'm thinking: they look so plain! They do. That's the art of it. You can still look amazing even when your not trying to look great. I love their looks all together because their still fashionable yet they aren't going beyond their personal limits.
Of course, that can only be achieved when being youself.
-Ashley xxx