Hipster Trash

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I've been getting drawn twoards more of the style per say of a simpler time, when everyone wasn't wearing the same high street brands and didn't think they were all deep for wearing American Apparel. No, this was a time of sloppy joe sweaters that were featured on Chloe's famed camel line this year and vintage fur coats that someone who was equally fabulous in the past wore. I can't define the era, but think Jack Kerouac on acid wearing Jeremy Scott. Defining an era on it's style has nothing to do with the era itself, just the people who quietly revolutionized it with that they wore, creating that sense of the effortless look so many of us try to attain. I'm becoming more attracted to this era of Edie Sedgwick's and Andy Warhol's because I too can relate to them, artistically and fashionably. I myself aren't into into fussy clothes that spend to much time screaming "look at me" than "look at the person who's wearing me." I've been quietly yet chronicly spending hours at a time on my lookbook page scouring for obscure, vintage style. If I must quote from one of the past Vogue issues I purchased, too many fashion bloggers are filling up the internet with men's wool pants an brogues. It seems as if hipster-trash vintage pieces will always be around to stay in fashion's subculture of growing fashionista's as myself. Right now, there's no way in hell I coul possibly afford this season's Balenciaga sweaters on the budget I'm on, but I, as a budding fashionista, can inprovise by either A) making my own( hahah, yeah...) or B) improvising. In other words, I'll possibly do both. But fashion's counter culture that started this phenom has been inspiring me alot lately on my sense of style. I'm no longer going to be the one repeating my same old same old outfits anylonger being a victim to the thing I love the most. I've found new inspiration.