One more quick thing

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Well, fuck it. I might as well say that I'm back in buisness, whatever that may be.

(Rag and Bone dress, Papaya leather look tights, Vintage cross as always)
Look  at me, all up in the interwebs. Where is that line from? Yes. Die Antwoord, the newest thing to melt my brain like acid since M.I.A and Jeremy Scott. I've fround my new love for all things new wave and 80's again, from listening to the 808 State and Dan Curtin LP's I got from the record store( 12 bucks each was worth it, fucking well worth it) and to picking up an array of Cosby sweaters that I never got. The closest thing I have to a Cosby sweater is a chunky knit sweater with metallic cheetah prints on it that I absolutely LOVE. It's from Charlotte Russe which I just found out was named after a French dessert. Small world, or big world because I found out about that on the world wide web. Back to the topic, I'm in love with Die Antwoord's front man Ninja and also the frontwoman Yo-Lani Visser. They're style is so fucking dope it's rediculous, from those horibble haircuts to the ratfur jackets. I just can't get enough.

Ninja's jumpsuit is actually has his actually tatoo's painted on it. Epic win.

Yo-Landi Visser and Ninja on ION magazine :333