Well, here it goes.

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I'm not for sure if I will continue blogging anymore. I don't know why. Besides the fact that I've been overtly insane and busy lately, it's like I don't have time for the things I love anymore. I'm doing alot of book art and art in general that I may post later on if I feel like it, but I'm not so sure that I'll continue with fashion blogging...because when you think about it, what's so special about it? The "fame"? The glory of having 500 followers who listen and soak up your every word? I don't personally see the point anymore in posting images of what I wore today and saying "this is fashion", because if I did I'm just being an imposing bitch trying t force my asthetic on you. It's pointless because everyone else is doing it, and where's the fun and originality in that. Nothing. Anyhow, it's not like anyone is going to read this anyhow. I didn't say I was quitting per say because I've never quit at anything. I'm feeling a bit shitty at the same time because some skank stole my artwork I did for my portfolio. I hope it turns back up, but in the end it's whatever. I've learned to let things ride and be numb with situations like that.

Wow, totally off topic, but I have a Tumblr. A very sucessful tumblr:


If you love me, I'll follow you.

Oh, and if anyone needs to contact me for anything this is my new email: leofashonista1@gmail.com

I'm still waiting on the fashionista of the week people, I don't go out without a bang.

-Ashley xxx