The Acessory Munch - Envelope Clutches

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(I don't own any of these pictures unfortunately)
Every now and then I'll do a random post called "The Acessory Munch". Similar to my Epic Wins posts that I will definately do more of, I decided my new found love for elaborate acessories should also be highlighted on my not so fancy blog. On speaking about acessories in one of my last post, I also take the time ot to invest in my acessories. I've since then about a year ago donated all my Chanel bags to Fruition to get cash out of them, because quite frankly, I didn't like the ones I had. I only have one Chanel bag that's become my poor little rich girl favorite, but I'm taking my time out to purchase uncoveted pieces. A clutch, especially an envelope clutch, are hard to style accordingly for me. I remember a time when I had my thrifted Roberto Calvalli gold leather envelope clutch that I felt too fancy for carrying it around with basic jeans and a t-shirt. Since then I've escalated to becoming a large bag kind of girl but I'm slowly reverting back to the clutch. I've sad before that I haven't been able to carry a purse around because of all of my school luggage, so an envelope clutch would do just amazingly.  There also easy to make yourself,as long as you have some hardware, strong bonding adhesive, and the fabric of your choice. This website has some great DIY clutch ideas:

That's all for now unfortunately. I'm back to scowering the web in my crack head fashion state.
-Ashley xxx