Alfred Kovac by Stefan Giftthaler

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These photo's are quite the inspiration for me. I'm really excited to see the remake of Tron and these photo's with their slightly futuristic edge reminded me of the film. If your not familiar with the film, a video game programmer get's trapped in a video game and has to fight to get back out of it, or so it seems. I'm always into everything futuristic anyhow, but these photo's struck a cord with me. Not only do they channel the likes of French electro-maistro's Daft Punk with Alfred Kovac wearing the robot masks, they also seem influenced by the likes of certain designer collections from Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, and Gareth Phug. Slightly androgynous yet primarily bursting full of masculine energy. Strong shoulders, metallic pants, combat boots, and robotic preferences will make their way back into fashion's haywire spotlight one of these days, one of these collections, or will become a major cliche' fad again...yet these photo's by photographer great Stefan Giftthaler will still endure and remain.

-Ashley xxx