Fashion Satanist

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(Proenza Shouler)

(Comme Des Garcons)
(Ginta Lapina)

(The Dissolution)

I'm pretty sure half of those images will get cut off by this bastard of a post thing, but it's whatever I suppose. Finally, there is a picture of me that i cropped from a post I did about a year ago for a blog post about my acceptance into the Nashville Fashion Group which turned out to be more of a joke than Chictopia and LookBook. Speaking of LookBook, it's way to strict with regulations and procedures to be any fun anyhow. Despite my Kerouac-Ginsberg-Sedgwick attire basics, I'll always be a devotee to dark, fussy clothing. I can't make up my mind, I know, but that's what comes with being a fashionista such as I. Dark, morbidly evil satanic fashion full of oversized beat sweaters, lace, ribbed socks, Prada's 50's collection, and those private school girls I wish I could be. Not the unrealistic Gossip Girl types, but the small town lolita's who have the effortless style.
My fixation.

-Ashley xxx