Futuristic Minimalism

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(by Damien Blottiere // Calvin Klein S/S2011 Cut & Paste editorial for Dazed & Confused ’ December 2010)

First off, Dazed and Confused is an amazing magazine. I used to be addicted to reading underground fashion and art magazines such as Pop, Muse, and Bust but they've grown lame and not as addictive as they used to be. It's almost as if when magazines that start out slow they have the best editorials and stories in them and get the most cult following( I was appart of that cult shamelessly), but now that they've become famous they've started to slack. For instance, I didn't mention W because it's never been a cult magazine, but it used to be amazing...now it's contents are as dry and aimed to socialites just like Vogue. Magazine's are dying out anyway with the instant popcasts you can get to your cellphones or the internet websites that post the exact articles that you can find in the paper editions. Sales will eventually drop and the Anna Wintours of all of these magazines will spend countless hours not in front of a chic office looking at clothes samples, but burning their eyes out on a computer monitor. What I love most about Dazed and Confused is that it's fresh and simply not boring. They don't rant and rave about fashion's already famous social figures like their Gods, but articulate their character from what they can do for the industry. Their editorials are to die for, their contributions to the fashion industy is applicable, and their not afraid to do what they want because they know people like me always will come back for more. These are my two favorite pictures from the December issue's Calvin Klien S/S 2011 collection. You see, they didn't just have the brilliant photographer
Damien Blottiere photograph the models in some fancy smanchy pose in the outfits, but Blottiere made a fucking epic collage with each image he took! That's what I'm looking for, and so is every other person out there that's different. I feel as if everyone else should catch up on their game and wow us like they did before this generation and many more before that. Dazed and Confused, you've left me dazed and confused...but in your artistic asthetic.

                                                                  xxxx Ashley xxxxx