Geek Love

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Japan has brought me many things, from it's native's highly stalked fashion sense to it's animated video games that I own and love. I'm particulary into video game fandom. It's true, alongside being everything else I'm a hardcore Megaman fan and gamer. I believe technology and gaming have alot to do with fashion today because they're both so relevant to the world's society today. Japanese fashion desigers have often emulated technology, anime, and manga into their designs and those are the designs that wannabe clotheshorse's like me want the most, not the next mainstream piece of shit to hit the retail market. Uniqlo and Erucca have the cutest, cartoon and video game inspired clothes, not to mention how colorful Japanese street fashion plays such a heavy part into the cute yet not so cuddly mix. For instance, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami made an even larger debut at Louis Vuitton for helping design those epic multicolored bags and clothing that have been quoted in popular culture. Kanye West even had Murakami draw West as one of his characters.
Above all else, me being a geek and fashion addict has drawn me to both worlds, from high style to high-tech smiles, and it's all made a difference to the industry as a whole.