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I woke up this morning an vomited out all of my breakfast and stayed home from school today. TMI, I know, but it's not like every blogger doesn't do it. I felt awesome afterwards though, with tons of my Neo-Edie Sedgwick energy running through me. I started scrounging the web for more epic fashion blogs as my own and came across nothing. Nothing at all, yet why waste my time with blogs who are too lazy to follow or respond to your feedback? I then decided to search the web for more style inspiration:

(Daul Kim ='s Love)

I'm really into neons and basically anything that melts your brain when it comes to my artwork lately, but fashion wise it's just been neutral minimalist colors. I went thrifting recently and bought 3 giant wool granny skirts and a Jil Saunder black mesh top( score, I know) and a pair of jean jeggings I have nothing to wear with at all. That's what I get for impulse shopping. There will be outfit posts soon for all of those who are interested in seeing them, honestly.

-Ashley xxx


mara said...

it's cool that you still blog and i haven't visited your blog in a long time. but these inspirational posts are really cool and hooray for daul kim.