Jack Kerouac made me Hardcore

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I am a hipster, no doubt, and in my common place of realization I noticed that fashion's insiders and mongers might as well be,too. Marc Jacobs? Jergen Teller? Hipsters. It's just a name placed on certain people who act in such a manor. I recently purchased a ton of old records and old LP's from a thrift store (Music City thrift) which were nothing but jazz, blues, and several Detroit techno hits from Dan Curtin and Tim Harper. You wouldn't think to find such obscure vynil lying around such places, but it's there. Yet only someone who's willing to go bargain hunting in a sea of old people in Cosby sweaters might as well be a hipster. I want to rant not only about fashion, but a rather late, great influential writer by the name of Jack Kerouac. Canadian, beat, and suprisingly fashionable Jack revolutionized the beat generation of the 1940's-1960's with his hipster-laced writings in novels such as On the Road or Big Sur. I would have liked to meet him and ask him what he thought of the future of beat poetry and writing and if he's ashamed to see the artistic beat generation dwindle down into triangles and Native American head dresses. I think he'd give it all a finger. I see Jack Kerouack in some of the looks from Robert Geller's F/W 2010 collection, which was defiately simple but devine. 

Oversized dhoti pants, Cosby sweaters, combat boots, unmatching seperates, muted colors, and lots of overcoats...ALOT of overcoats.
Very self-starving beat artist to me.
-Ashley xxx