Jewel Lust

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Along with every good outfit there must be good acessories, wether it be an awesome bag or jewelry. I fetishize over both naturally, but lately for me it's been about the jewelry. With the heavy load of books I carry from class to class it's difficult for me to carry a purse at the same time: heavy ass portfolio in one hand, backpack and books in the other. So besides wearing in my opinion a uncovetable but gorgeous outfit, I've started to invest in statement jewelry, primarily vintage inspired cuffs and statement necklaces. Rings have never been my specialty because I work with my hands more than anything else being an artist and I'd hate to scratch or damage a ring I invested in. Besides jewelry, I should start investing in belts. I have a few really nice ones, such as my patent corset belt from Charlotte Russe which has become a wardrobe staple such as my thrifted Chanel-inspired belt from the Goodwill. I'm dying to have some of YSL's covetable hipster rings with the precious jewels and stones set in it's vibrant gold setting. Most jewelry I'm attracted to in pretty expensive, such as 165$ for a silver ring, but it was pretty. Most things pretty cost shitloads of money to maintain and to have, from women to clothing, anything pretty to be down to earth and exact. For my early Christmas present I was able to choose out and piece of jewelry I wanted from a local department store, but was dissapointed when I noticed I wanted everything. My mother, the buyer, reasoned with me and bought me a heavy braided silver anf faux diamond necklace and a snake ring to go with it.
In conclusion to this post, my jewelry lust is currently unquenchable. I'm going to scrounge and search the grounds for broken or mismatched jewelry and make some Tom Binns'-esqu pieces of my own.
Wearable artwork? Prehaps.
But isn't tha what jewelry is?

-Ashley xxx