Rants On Us People

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(Balmain Homme)

(Lanvin dresses)

I think there's something special about these two certain aspects of humanity:
-Men who dress nice
-Party animals.

If I was a man, I'd definately dress up in the latest of everything because there's a simple rule among men that I do know of: "Dress nice, get bitches". And I live by that myself, even though I don't dress nice to get people's attention. I'm a party goer naturally because of my zodiac (leo) and enjoy wild social events which gives me yet another excuse to dress amazingly, preferably in my Papaya sequined dress that I've only worn like, twice. There will be more times that this special little dress will come out on the town, but I'm talking more on the people. The social scene in my town is...dwindling in a sense, but there's an underground subculture that I know of where the people wear vintage Corrguges loafers and Gucci suits. They recently were at Nashville's own fashion week that was held in August. Why am I ranting on things past? Read the title of the post, "rants". Well, alot of the people who are appart of this scene I love are men, not women. Oddly enough, you would naturally associate fashion with women when the industry is focused mainly on us, but there oddly enough is a bergoning scene of men who are fashionistas. You'd think if a guy was that into fashion that we was homosexual, but it's not always the case. A friend of mine whom gave me his vintage tweed Rochas pants that he wore when he was my size was is appart of Nashville's fashion week with his own collection focused mainly on men and men only. He stated that "Women are too into clothing that labels them as a woman and just that". And I just as much believe him. I dress very feminine in dresses and skirts, but I'm versatile enough to wear menswear whenever I feel like it, releasing my inner beatnik. Now about party animals, like I've stated before I'm one of them. I will be a conformist and associate with them. I rave to techno music and when I do go to a party, I wear sequins or neon. That's just so. Undoubtedly, August's fashion week was just a giant party. I went trying to intern, only to find myself in a crowd of people where models in everyday clothes walked among the crowd, country and rock music blaring. It was a disaster and I didn't concider it a "fashion" week, but it was a great excuse to party. I was the only person wearing neon pink. And that's a fashion statement.

-Ashley xxx