Dharma Bum

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(Thrifted turtleneck, DIY lace scarve, vintage necklace)

After comming to several life changing realizations recently, my whole asthetic to life has changed. First off, I read a past issue of Vogue where they ranted and raved about how there's no future in fashion blogging and how everyone basically talks about the same trends going on, thus my point I've been trying to get across forever way before that April issue. I didn't read Vogue at first for the trends they chronical in bland editorials like everyone else, but as a status symbol. I'm not the only girl in the world who reads it, especially not a black girl, but when I was sitting at the Cheesecake factory reading it over Newyork style cheesecake I felt special, which is just fucking wrong in all of it's entierty. So recently along with other things I've taken it appon myself to look at myself for me, not what my image is to other people and how it makes them feel twoards me. I've realized if I want to grow and enlighten myself, I should just worry about myself and myself being. Sure, it sounds selfish and your "self" isn't always so wonderful, but I'm only a child. I have the time to change for the better. This isn't really a fashion post at all, but see it as you want. I really do like whoever what I was wearing.

-Ashley xxx