The future is now

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I recently came across an online editorial from Although being a 2 year old article
(November 2009), I found it looking for futuristic fashion on Google like the non-professional I am. I adore older articles of things I would have never been able to come across else where, because with that no one else can say they reblogged about it. I'd be the pioneer of something someone else said about it, then again taking away from it's value. The editorial however was abotu Ara Jo, a new fresh face to the design world. She's designed ALOT of Lady Gaga's outfits and has started her cult following on fresh, innovative designs that just belonged in Dazed and Confused and OUT magazines, whom as I have gushed before pride themselves on bringing people like me, fresh innovative things so that we can feel cultured.You probably recognize the design of young Central Saint Martin’s 09 graduate's desings because of Nicola Formichetti, who chose one of Ara's jumpsuits for Lady Gaga to wear. Her ‘Hypnosis‘ collection gained the attention from the press because of how fucking innovative it was, but also because she's doing something outright different from everyone else. You can see in a way how Gareth Phug has gotten inspiration for his past collections from seeing her design ethics: 

the pictures are way to small.
but alas! I will entertain the non-existant reader with images of me, the dharma bum:

Don't I just look like I'll put a kitten in a blender?
Ashley xxx