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Long time no see non-existant world. It's been a while yes, a whole half of a year ad a few months. I could say that this blog has been around for a year now, collecting dust and fragments of things I can't even explain. I've been trying to channel my inner Allen Ginsberg lately, focusig more my artistic talents and poetry rather than rant about something that everyone else talks about. I've been trying to purposely seep myself into obscurity. As I'm writing to you, I'm listening to Ginsberg's poem "Howl", one of this iconoclast works. It's the most inspiring thing in the world to me right now, whereas my stomach is slowly churning from what he is saying, speaking the truth that I often write about. I'm not going to articulate on how he's supposed to be some icon or make him into a fashionable object that people elsewhere will speak of, but he to me is myself.
I am however, going to express the feelings I can't get across to you physically though images I found that made me think of Ginsberg's epic poem, a real epic win by my book:

(pictures all from Tumblr)