I could have been a superstar

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(my mood right now, sparkly and full of promise)

I don't have anything I feel like talking about currently, but I just wanted to get some things across. I don't blog for you all, you all just like my asthetic I suppose. I mean, that sounds really shitty I suppose, but I started blogging because I felt as if I had things to get across to myself. That's where it started, but things are changing now for me aren't they. There aren't anymore secret, angry posts anymore, just stories about what i find interesting ideas in this big world and about the people who put them out there, not to mention my own ideals. On second thought, I love you all to utter pieces, forever and always. I've been reading Patti Smith's "Just Kids" autobiography of her time in Newyork's youth counter culture with her male, gay best friend who eventually contracted AIDS and died. Her musings tell of my predicted life once I get accepted to Parson's in Newyork: scrapping up money for your sky high rent, forcing your way into the in-crowd( whereas, I will be the ultimate bad influence ), and meeting the people you will remember forever, and Newyork is definately full of them. My friend and I often talk together about the lives we plan for ourselves, how we'll glamorize living off of bread crumbs and without furniture in our Upper East Side appartments because we'll be amazingly poor trying to keep them up. I've been trying desperately to plan my life out with the acceptance of the occasional unplanned-per say suprises that do come along.


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