90's Minimalism and Kate Moss

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I'll always love fashionably crack whore Kate Moss. No, she doesn't have oral sex for cocaine, but remember that oh so famously made fashion faux-pas scandal involving her and white gold? It in an underlines sense made her even more uber-famous, because there she gained more popularity in the pro-Riot Grrl counter culture, mostly females, who resented any model (Moss being a model of course) because of the ideal of women being used as objects of beauty. Other than such, Kate appeals to me in that sense. I'm not interested in her celebrity-turned-designer cliche' with Longchamp or Topshop, I'm more interested in her filth. I snatched a page out of a September issue of Times Style Magazine(2009) that talks about Yoko Ono and her quite interesting career behind the tabloids perception of her being John Lennon's curse or whomever. She's become as the article says, the "esthetic godmother" of all dance-punk heroines, from my favorite Bikini Kill to Karen O. The 90's were a pretty lax and minimal decade, despite the mini youth culture movement that slowly transgressed into horny, cyber tranced drones...accept for the few who loaned their jean overalls and smiley face printed shirts to the thrift stores for anti-conventionalists like moi. The 90's however make theur comebacks sometimes in high fashion, and in some instances in very awful ways. Such a case? Chanel's 2011 collection:

Of course, I'm in no position "highly" enough to tell Karl Lagerfeld what a joke this collection is. Sure, it's Chanel...ther should be some sense of extravagance. Karl has been designing better colletcions than this for sure, I've been alive to see them. There was just too much blandness and 90's-esque minimalism, just like most Chanel colletcions: too much white, black, grey, tweed, and jersey fabrics. I suppose he's trying to stay close to the houses traditions, but really? There was no creativity that I'm usually expecting out of this collection, it's something like Alexa Chung would wear with a jean jacket and flats and would become a hit among so called fashion insiders. I'm expecting Daphne Guinness here, not Kara Kennedy.
I feel that some will adore it, but some will dislike this a great deal.
I just feel that he didn't try at all this time, despite the fact that the clothes are made well but don't hold that special omph that makes you want to pay alot for it.