Black hole in the sun

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(eley kishimoto designed these brogues with a very beautiful, afro-centric pattern)

I'm currently attempting to imerge myself into my roots as a black person. Black people have alot of culture as you may know, this month in itself now dedicated among others as Black history month. In my World History class we're watching Roots, a film that chronicles one man's journey from being a proud warrior in his native Africa to being a less than human slave in the Americas during the slave trade in the early 1700s. Now black people are being underlined in a sense, as the new style setters in America as they've been for the past 50 or 45 years( 70's afros, MC Hammer pants, Hood life). Black style setters such as Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Kanye West, Amber Rose, Shala Monroque, and several others have made their impact on the high fashion world. Michelle Obama has made herself a name as the neo-Jackie O for her impecable style and for putting several designers on the map such as Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung. I aspire to be a fashion icon for the black community one day, so that the young black girls can have someone professional and inspirational to look up to instead of wasting their lives away becoming another stereotype in this unjust world. I remember my past trips to Newyork, stopping into thrift stores and discussing "radical" polotics and obscure fashion/writings with fellow black men and women, who I personally feel I could relate to. They too, like I will one day, work hard for what they wear on their backs and what they can contribute back to their world. Right now, I do what with I have seeing as of how I'm in school and I'm not working, but it's an evident fact that, because I'm black in America that I will have to work harder for what I'll end up having. African Americans, as we are people, have views and opinions. The fashion world in my opinion doesn't take into concideration the African American community by a whole, accept for the sucessful few such as Tyra Banks or Naomi Campbell. There are and have been sucessful black fashion designers in the high fashion world, but you don't hear about them as much as you do Karl Lagerfeld or Marc Jacobs. It's as if they don't exist and that their contributions don't mean anything, which in all of it's entierty agitates me. There's a sense of racism and segregation in the high fashion world in my opinion. I had a conversation with a friend recently about the topic, whereas she says that black designers are too busy designing hiphop sports wear, not unique and jaw dropping designs that belong on the cover of Vogue, which does not seem to take into concideration the black community. People don't understand me when I say I'd rather wear a vintage Valentino dress (that I wish I had) instead of Baby Phat or Apple Bottom jeans. It's wrong to me. In a sense, I feel as if the black designers behind those brands are stooping to an ultimate low and not progressing to something better for themselves or their customer base. If those designers designed flowing, beautiful gowns and clean cut suits for it's clientelle, I'm pretty sure people would be influenced to but it. Yet, it gets to yet another view on the demographic of African Americans who couldn't possibly afford those certain kinds of well made, quality clothing and wouldn't probably need them otherwise. In closing, I hope that black people as a whole who are deeply interested in high fashion get their views out to the world beyond.

-Ashley xxx


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love the shoes!