My Art Work

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All of the artwork I recently got a friend to upload for me from her scanner. I have more recent things, but these are all of the "new" things that I have up on the world wide web. In the advanced placement art class I'm in, you have to choose a "concentration", or produce a group of images based solely off of an idea or subject, my ideal of choice being people being poseurs and everything false/artificial. There are plenty of paintings done of robots, my forever inspirational obsession, and people wearing masks to conceal their true selves. I can relate to this, seeing as of how during my immature years I lied a ton about the clothes I had on my blog trying to impersonate a no-longer friend I had just to seem cool. I'm more legitamate now, speaking for myself and not a false form of being  I created out of trying to fit in. That's what inspired me most to do this collection of 12 pieces (only 5 shown out of the 7). I'm the youngest in the class, whereas everyone else is a year from graduationg or is graduating this year. It makes me want to make people take my, without being arrogant, amazing skill more seriously than ever. I worked hard to be where I am and people
recognized my talent. People give me alot of shit about my art style, seeing as of how most of the things I produce aren't traditional and are usually perverted, morbid images of self mutilation and are full of perversely sexual insignia. I also fancy making people upset and repulsed by my artwork, seeing as of how people often feel that way about me. I reflect my artwork on my self being and how I see things in a sickly playful manner. I often play into the things people don't like, and the many naysayers I have coin it on that I just want attention. Obviously from my self of mind I don't do that, seeing as of how I know why I create. It's empowering to know you created something, weather anyone likes it or not. I don't label myself a freak, but the "freaks" love my artwork. I don't seek a particular audience, just like with how I dress or this fashion/art blog that I maintain. Of course, once I do get established, my art shows will eventually attract some curious audiences. Like now, some marvel, some ignorantly blurt out their "opinions", and some outright are left confused. I don't like explaining my artwork alot, because I do feel in an odd way that people should "get" me and "get" what I produce. I'm often left to explain, sense half the time what people think it is actally isn't it. I feel like art is made from a creative persons' mind and set out to the world for them to enjoy, and they then leave the world to think and ponder about what it really is and or means to them: people have their own special thoughts and feelings about everything. That's what's so special about my craft to me.

-Ashley xxx