scratchy vintage cat sweater(also a commemoration)

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(Dragon Ball Z)

As of late my obsession with cats and Tumblr-made famous film stills has driven me to the jail cell I love the most, the internet. So for a while when I can get my act together, I won't be online so much anymore. It's actually hurting me, but in a strange good way. A fe days ago, about 3 days ago to be exact, I came across a story in a literature book about a girl named Omayra Sanchez, who in 1985 was a victim of the erruption of the Nelvado del Luis volcanic erruption which killed well over 35,000 people. I had seen her story last year on a fail blog-esque website that posts several things from shocking to hillarious stories. She was trapped in her home which was destroyed by a massive lahar, or thick mudslide full of debris that usually happen after earthquakes or volcanic erruptions. She was neck deep in muddy water and debris, the bodies of her family cliging and floating around her. She could have made it out if her feet weren't trapped in concrete slabs or if her family could have been lifted off of her. Her bravery resogntaes still today because during the three day ordeal when she was trapped she carried on normally, silently not giving up hope of her escape which unofrtunately did not hapeen: Omayra died in 3 days. They presume she died of a hypothermia induced heart attack and gangrene which could have easilly resulted in her crushed, trapped legs. I feel like shit when I take the things I have good for granted with the superficialites of clothing and the comofrtable life I live. She didn't have those luxuries and wasn't raised in a well off household, and oddly enough died leaving this world the same way. There was nothing anyone could do about it, but I'd like to take the time to appreciate how well I have things and that I never have to go what she went through, and though I'm not imposing any of my opinions I feel as if you should,too.
RIP Omayra Sanchez

On another happier note, I hope where ever she is she's happy now, in some higher beings comfort.
On a more superficial level, my style seems to always waver. When I go thrifting this Saturday, I'm hoping to score these following items:

-Long pleated skirts
-A fur jacket maybe?
-Vintage jewelry
-Cat sweaters
-Sequined/beaded sweaters
-A drawstring bag
-A top handle bag
-Nice wool pants
-Quilted chain bag
-Bow-tie tops
-Edie Sedgwick-esque dresses

(no need for the large text, but oh well...)

Until this weekend, wish me luck on my conquest through handmedown clothing and vintage baubles.
oh, and if you can do one tiny thing for me:
please take into concideration all that you have and be thankful for it.

-Ashley xxx