Surreal Thoughts part 2

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That's the song that inspired this post. I'm doing something I rarely ever do now, which is taking back what I said about blogging and posting what I wear. I went on an adventure with my mom and sister today through a flea market. The weather is horribly cold where I am, so I was forced to mosh through patches of deep snow to get to the shopping destinations. Of course, we went primarily by car through West Nashville and stopped at Target, where I was bought a Barcellona chair for merely 8 dollars and some change. It made me happy, since I'm taking into concideration investing in furniature that I like so that I can have something that will last and that I can hold onto. It now sits on the far left wall of my room, comfy and hard for my days when I feel like pondering and writing poetry though my alter ego Art Kloeky (my prior insanity has prooven it's worth eh?). I also took the time to have my sister document my escapades through the entire day. On another off topic note, I wanted to adress those choices of images. I am a Tumblr addict hence it's much more, in my opinion, faster and efficient to communicate with other people. I'm no fan of social networking seeing as of how I'm anti-social. I heard the song in the video I'm posting with them last night on a College-runned PR station and it inspired my inner morbid, masculinity. I love men despite the fact that I'm a lesbian, only because I'm arrogant and egotistical. I've also lately (hence more off topic) been writing more poetry in my beaten up composition book from my freshman year of highschool and this little zine that I found. I'll be doing research on it seeing as of how it was published in 2005, and I'm curious as to see if the creator is still making them or if she's dwindled away slowly into obscurity.

(Threads and Heirs mens sweater, Kmart cotton polo underneath, vintage necklace, bangles from random places, thrifted Acne jeans, Dolce Vita for Target brogues)

About the adventure of today, my mom bought me more ethnic bangles. Now I can add more to my sadly overflowing collection. I'll wear them of course because they look beautiful, but moreso because they were a gift from my amazing mom.

They've got little nipples on them.

-Ashley xxx