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(MiuMiu 2011, full of stars, metallics, and my favorite, neons) 

That song is so amazing to me, it's rediculous. I was browsing one day last week for Underground Resistance, a very famous icon in the techno world who is based in Detroit, on Youtube and oddly enough came across some very rare music, such as that song by Nu Era. The songs called "Black hole in the sun" if you can see in the description, so it reminds me of the outer space that I will be forever facinated with. Speaking of outer space, I have a new obsession with fellow Leo Christopher Kane, who's past collection last year featured clothing in cosmic, planetary patterns( a hipster's fashionista's dream). I'm very excited about this comming Saturday because I'll be making a trip with my mother to the thrift store, and I'm hoping to stock up on some catprint sweaters or a top handle bag. The thrift stores in my town are filled with oddities, but with my always empty Mulberry wallet I'm resulted into passing them up, whereas if my mother decides to but me things she has to somewhat "scrutinize" and say if it will go with an outfit or not. It was just like when I asked her to buy me leather tights( a 15 year old does not have money of their own), she made a great deal about it until one fateful day while in Papaya, she came to me with shiny, pleather gold. I wore them relentlessly, but now my wardrobe of Colligate sweaters, patent loafers, and pencil skirts those trendy tights haven't seen the light of day, or snow in my case since that's all we've been getting lately. On another note, despite watching Chloe Sevingy lately in Kids, I've been attempting to take the time to find old images of myself that are scattered carelessly on this world wide web. So, here it goes:


heh, but lately I've gotten into ugly floral things.
it sickens me in a sadistically masocistic kind of way, soo while loathing my new like for them I'm also enjoying it.
Maybe it's because everyone else loves it, and being myself I hate everything that becomes generic.

See you soon
Ashley xxx


We Are The Crowd said...

love the hair in the first image,the colours are awesome! Oh, and i forgot how much i love Fresh Prince of Bel Air :)

Mollie from