All Yall Niggas Mad As Hell

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(Quote from obsurdly ghetto kid in my Biology class)


Hello world, charming and sadistic intenet. As you've all noticed I've been posting alot more of the internet/digital art work that I've been doing on Polyvore lately instead of ranting on about fashion and what I like and dislike about it. It's not that important to me at the moment. To be honest, it's only because I've been trying to be as concerned as possible with my education and art making, too busy in fact to run a blog. Lately however, with spring rolling in all over our heads, it's given me an excuse to dress like I came right off that 90's dad show "Home Improvement". Yes, that means putting on that thrifed Levi's denim jacket, my Riot Grrrrrrrl teeshirts, my hipster gems, and my favorite of all that Mulberry bag fom Target that I scored for 20 dollars or so. As I'm still growing up, I'm realizing how much I hate everyone around me. I have this deliciously pretentious thing about me where I feel that I'm better than everyone in a sense, superior to everything they possibl can't fathom. That of course leads to my evident anti-social beavior, yet it's only because I can' trust anyone not to treat me like shit or for me to lie my way into someone's life that just wasn't worth my valuable time to begin with. I sat with my friend today at Lunch for a first, the lunchroom congested with young adults that I just can't stand. Yet, this story get's worse. I had to sit with two of his "friends" whom I have nothing in common with. It bugged the shit at me so much when it came to how deep they were into themselves, to wound up in the ass to treat me like a human being. Yes, I could be categorized as a hypocrite for saying that(hence how I mentioned I feel better than people in some inferences), yet that's not what I feel like saying. I'm tiered of everyone talking about themselves and not trying to get to know me for whom I am.
I'd ought to act like I'm used to it, seeing as of how it's been like that for years.
That's why I adore fashion so much. Someone out there obviously understands me enough(and several otherrrrs) to know what I like.
Just not some huh?

-Ashley xxx