DIY Alexander Mcqueen

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Aren't they shitty gorgeous? Ha, I've been working on a pair of Alexander Mcqueen armadillo shoes that look nothing like the original pair. They aren't more than 4 inches high unlike the 10 inch wonders that Mcqueen designed, yet they don't come close to the quality that I sought out for them to be. They're made out of only hotglue, cardboard, wire, masking tape, and snakeskin fabric. It took me 2 days to finish this one heel, and soon I'll move onto the next, possibly tomorrow. Alot of designer fashions are actually easy to make if your ballsy and creative(like moi) to take up the challenge. I'm going to make that Moschino dress that says "don't judge a girl by her clothes" once I acquire some safety pins and an oversized white shirt. These shoes aren't really mean to be worn, but I don't know yet. I can't really walk in heels as much as I felt I could at first, but I hope to get there soon for future investments in heeless Nina Ricci platforms. I'm addicted to the fetish shoes I don't have.

(Ignore my potentially showing underwear in this picture)

-Ashley xxx