Epic Idustrial(90th post)

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(Prototype bookcover?)

Oh hay there. So, my blogging break is over. I'm at my 90th post! Yay, only 10 more till 100. I feel slightly accomplished lately, seeing as of how I've made more pieces of artwork than I can numerically count on two hands and that I've been sketching a bunch of my designs lately. Me and my friend Derrick were discussing fashion show plans and ideas once we became established designers. I've been trying to teach him how to sketch seeing as of how he has great thoughts yet he can't execute them properly on paper. I've been writing alot more also, putting my stories and novel ideas onto my Microsoft word program. I'm writing right now about a guy in college who's going to a particular university to become a teacher. While he's doing such, he goes though an internhsip program to tutor some children of wealty families in Upstate NewYork. While he's tutoring one particular family, he starts a lolita-esque relationship with his student. She's this queen-B who's more icy than Blair Waldorf, yet amazingly smart and logical. Along the way dark secrets come forth as horrific skeletons are thrown out of the closet, one causing the tutor's lover ans student to commit suicide. Now that you got that deal, I'd like to move onto other subjects concering myself and the fashion world. Alot of bloggers, especially fashion bloggers, have digital camera's to document their outfits and findings, yet I have nothing to do such a thing. My sister rarely comes by, and her camera phone doesn't take the best images all the time, you know?
I'm going to have to save up to buy one, honestly.
Yet another daunting project on my hands.

-Ashley xxx