Gender Bender

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(Ink, watercolor, and collage on watercolor paper)

As of late I've been focusing alot on my artwork and developing my talent to it's fullest. This month, my semester of AP Art Studio(the only class at my school in my opinion that was on my callibur) is comming to an end. After a whole year of developing my natural talent, I'm proud to say that I'm officially done with the course. I have to send my things in to the college board so that I can get my college credit, yet I'm confident that I'll get a good score. I had to pay around $80 so that they could judge it in the first place, yet the whole process of making 24 college level works of art was strenuous all together. I don;t nesicarrily agree that my art had to be at a certain level, none the less to be judges by people who are possibly biggots and weary of appreciating a different approach to art. To be honest, I'm not your practical one who follows tradition. People have the nerve all the time to say I do what I do to obtain a certain shock value, yet these people also aren't talented artists at all. My focus lately has been drawing transgender males and prostitutes. I got this inspiration from being called a "faggot ass bitch" by a female peer of mine during one of my classes. The hillarity of it sent me through the roof, orgasmic almost as it's comedic surge came across to me in a less hatred-filled way. I was inspired to do this next piece off of what was said to me and from watching reruns of Silence of the Lambs.

It's slightly blurry from the quality of the camera and form having to be resized countless times.
Hate can be transformed into beautiful things.
That's why I feel for transgender males/females. Not only are they homosexual like I, they tend to encounter more hatred because they've decided to be something else. For some reason society doesn't like you changing your body to another sex, but they appreciate males dressing as females on SNL for satire.
This world is unjust.

-Ashley xxxx