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(Shalom Harlow)


(Theirry Mugler 2011)

With Nicola behind Theirry Mugler now, I feel a bit dissapointed. It's almost as if now that he's the direct designer/stylist for what half of Lady Gaga wears, everything for the fashion house will be in her image. If you know me well enough, I love Lady Gaga. She's a huge fashion icon and her musical talent is beyond belief. However, I'd hate to see her in nothing but Theirry Mugler for now on. She's been wearing half of the designs already, from the leather skirts and the sheer catstuit getup shown on the African model above. She was obviously a major focal point to the show anyhow, preforming her new single Goverment Hooker at the show during Paris Fashion Week. Nicola's designs are lacking in my opinion and can easilly be passed off as second hand edgy pieces that have all been done before. I suppose for a first collection for the reveered fashion house, it was pretty on edge and acceptable. I feel as if he's not bringing what Theirry Mugler is all about, yet at the same time since he is behind the name/brand now he might as well bring his own image to it. Theirry Mugler is Nicola Fiormachetti. Muccia Prada seems to be always suprising everyone with her ever amazing collections for Prada. I'm on the tips of my toes just seeing what she has in store for everyone. The stacked brogue creepers? Instant covetable status. The banana print tops? Can somebody besides myself say wow? Her designs are all together youthful and creative, and I know I won't ever be dissapointed. I've been following her shows ever since 2006 when I first got interested in MiuMiu, Prada's somewhat sister brand. I remember the ruffled leather coats and bags with the plastic chain link handles, those red velvet studded shoes. On another note, I've gotten interested in the life ans times of Shalom Harlow, who really resignated with me when I watched Alexander Mcqueen's infamous show(like all of them), where she was rotating on a platform as paint guns created almost neo-impressionist artwork on her white dress. I wonder if she will ever come back into full focus.