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I'm wanting to redo my wardrobe yet again. I'm trying to stock up on covetable, workable pieces that I can wear without looking too fussy. Yesterday I came across the acessories designer Anterprima on Polyvore when they were showcasing this amazing bag. It's so epic and wonderful, kind of makes me me cry.  I can picture the beads and chains running against my finger tips. As for the Meadham image on the top of the page, I just love it. It reminds me of the 1980's rap scene in NewYork with the heavy gold chains and hiphop street wear. Although its spring/summer time(it feels like freaking winter here) I still want to wear sweaters, so I'm piling on the coats whenever I can. I've been trying to stray away from that infamous Jean Paul Gaultier jacket and the black, musty blazer and switch to my colorful coats/cardigans. I simply want my wardrobe to work because to be honest, I'm tiered of wearing a pallet of black, grey, tan, and navy. I suppose I'm moving on in with everyone else who's wearing bright colors, yet I don't own many pieces in such shades.

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-Ashley xxx