Scary Black People

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This is a collection of book artwork from a finished production of my newest deconstruction book Scary Black People. It has nothing to do with African Americans at all, in fact, it centers solely on rich white American socialites such as Warhol superstar Edie Sedgwick. It also has poems written from my somewhat real alter ego Art Kloeky and tons of manipulated fashion images. I have a bit in there about Janelle Monae whom I adore and several others, but this is a zine more than a deconstructed book to be honest. It's made from a recycled book, yet I'm only publishing these for now. I'm not for sure in which direction this will even go to be honest. I've been working on tons of my other books and have slightly sat this one on hold for the moment. Prehaps there shall be yet a continuance persay? I'll see when the time is right.

-Ashley xxx